Just Tina

I was born in a log cabin in the year of the Water Rabbit, 19 something-something and grew up learning to do all things with passion. That being said, I've worn all sorts of hats in my lifetime (my favorite being of the leather mask variety), but right now I'm the Queen of All to 3 and I do something in the medical field. I used to be a caterer, taekwondo instructor, and SAHM. My favorite things include swinging kettlebells, telling people how to be healthy, ignoring my own advice on how to be healthy, running, laughing, swinging, laughing, sarcasm, running, and eating. This is my blog, and like me, hopefully won't offend you.


I ran this morning - 6 running miles. 6.44 total. Not going to go into huge detail here, because *yawn*, right?

My running partner pushed herself to run with me. She did good. It slowed my pace down a tad, but it made the whole 6 miles pleasant.

Next week 1 mile run w/ 1 minute walk.

I’m not, All About that Bass. 

Annoying song, so there. 


Video: Chill Chihuahua Puppy Enjoys a Neck Massage

Everybody’s got a thing

Decided to go for a little walk around my building for some fresh air.  While riding the elevator to the first floor I thought to myself; I should walk around my building more often.  Enjoy the vitamin D, it’s such a beautiful day and la de da. 

It took about 2 seconds to realize why I don’t walk around my building. 

1000 degrees outside!!!

Brad & Angelina getting married in France is the new ALS ice bucket challenge.

My drug of choice is a Tall Skinny Hazelnut Latte, not a Tall Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato.



I don’t like coffee surprises.

Yes, thank you!

Yes, thank you!