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I was born in a log cabin in the year of the Water Rabbit, 19 something-something and grew up learning to do all things with passion. That being said, I've worn all sorts of hats in my lifetime (my favorite being of the leather mask variety), but right now I'm the Queen of All to 3 and I do something in the medical field. I used to be a caterer, taekwondo instructor, and SAHM. My favorite things include swinging kettlebells, telling people how to be healthy, ignoring my own advice on how to be healthy, running, laughing, swinging, laughing, sarcasm, running, and eating. This is my blog, and like me, hopefully won't offend you.

Whole30 Day 13: Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice



In Chinese homes, rice is almost always eaten in its steamed form. Shoveled from bowl to mouth, fluffy white rice is a staple food for billions — a fragrant, starchy accompaniment to flavorful dishes of meat and vegetables. But with the quantities of rice that’s steamed in every Chinese house, there’s bound to be leftovers. And what’s the best way to repurpose rice into a quick and satisfying one-wok meal?

That’s right: Fried rice.


With a red-hot wok and ten minutes, a resourceful cook can whip up a rich, well-seasoned platter of Chinese fried rice tossed with spring onions and ribbons of egg. This humble dish is anything but unassuming in flavor.

But what if you’ve gone grain-free?

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Being done tonight. Have made this over and over, so good.

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