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I was born in a log cabin in the year of the Water Rabbit, 19 something-something and grew up learning to do all things with passion. That being said, I've worn all sorts of hats in my lifetime (my favorite being of the leather mask variety), but right now I'm the Queen of All to 3 and I do something in the medical field. I used to be a caterer, taekwondo instructor, and SAHM. My favorite things include swinging kettlebells, telling people how to be healthy, ignoring my own advice on how to be healthy, running, laughing, swinging, laughing, sarcasm, running, and eating. This is my blog, and like me, hopefully won't offend you.

Whole30 Day 11: Slow Cooker Kalua Pig



Longtime readers know where to find us when we’re not in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ninety-eight percent of the year, Henry and I are crazily juggling a bazillion things at once, but when we need to decompress, we grab the kids and decamp to Hawaii — our home away from home.


Once or twice a year, we herd the family on a plane to Kauai or Maui, stock up on supplies at a local Costco, and exhale to the sounds of slack-key and ukulele on the radio. Our next trip to Hawaii is just FIVE DAYS AWAY, and I CANNOT WAIT. I love everything about the islands: The people, the pace, the climate, the beaches, the sunsets, the food.


But foremost among the Hawaiian dishes I crave? Kalua pig.


That’s right: Slow-roasted porky goodness that’s traditionally cooked in a hole in the ground.

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Making this right now for tomorrow’s dinner. Can’t wait! Love me some pork!!

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    tomorrow’s dinner. Can’t wait! Love me some pork!!
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    Perfect weekend eating. Not to mention, this gets me in the mood for my own Hawaii trip in a few months!
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